Virginia did it! A 890 km run on the Bruce Trail for mental health

High school teacher Virginia Gingras completed her goal of running the entire distance of the Bruce Trail this month. In doing so, she raised nearly $4,000 for CameronHelps, as well as over $12,000 in donations for youth mental health purposes, to be voted on at a later date by students.

You can still donate to support and celebrate her cause.  Here is the link:

Virginia has written a final blog about her adventure in which she talk about her struggles during the trek as well as the tremendous support from her friends, family and supporters. Here is the link:

Virginia writes “What a ride. As my sister Velma and I drive home from Niagara an hour after I crossed the finish line, I turned to her and started to giggle. I said, “Velma I can’t believe how naïve I was going into this. I truly had no idea what running 900km of Bruce Trail really meant. That was nuts!”

The teacher reflected on her journey from what it meant to help raise funds to support mental health programs.  She was greeted at the finish by a father who had lost his child recently to suicide. “It certainly snapped me back to reality and made me remember the true reason for this adventure. Not for some “record” but to end the stigma attached to mental health issues. The pure courage it took this man to share his story with me out of the blue was humbling. His face and tears in his eyes showed me his pain – pain I could not even begin to imagine.”

Virginia may not have another big run challenge ahead of her, but she will continue to give presentations on mental health. “My main focus will be putting those funds to good use – ensuring students have a voice in their own practical approach to positive mental health. I know CameronHelps will continue to do an amazing job organizing running programs in schools to end the stigma using the funds all of you donated.”