Three fabulous Team Unbreakable runs inspire particpants, raise awareness

You can’t hold back the Team Unbreakable (TU) spirit.

Since last year when CameronHelps rebranded its youth programs to the Team Unbreakable name, participation, sponsorship and awareness has increased for its signature fundraiser runs.

During the Mississauga Marathon in May, a team of 14 runners under the Team Unbreakable banner, raised approximately $8,000. Our donations per pledge had the highest average among other charities raised and because of this, we received an additional $2,000 as part of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge to recognize the donor’s commitment.

The June Unbreakable Father’s Day 5k was highlighted by an influx of new participants, attracted by the pancake breakfast post-race event and the support of sponsors Runner’s Mark, comFree, High Point Wellness Centre and the Port Credit Community Foundation. Over 300 runners and walkers took part, raising $10,000.

“We were really pleased with the different mix of age groups participating in the event,” said co-organizer Laurel Yama. “We had young and old, the serious and not-so-serious runners and walkers. Having David Harris speak at the start and former Argo and youth worker Orlando Bowen there to motivate us was also a highlight.” Added co-organizer Mary Jane Gibbons, “at our first post-race breakfast, people were having a great time, socializing and lingering and having fun. We can’t thank the local Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 82 enough for their support, as well as the dozens of youth volunteers who showed up to make the event a success.”

CEO and Founder of CameronHelps David Harris was overwhelmed by the post-race event at the Legion. “Walking into the room and seeing the sea of Team Unbreakable shirts and the love and support of the people – – it had a real community feeling like I’ve never seen before to this extent. MJ and Laurel have really set the bar high for next year’s run.”

The Canada Day weekend Runner’s Mark Team Unbreakable Rib Run was the third TU
event of the year, held during the Rotary Club’s Toronto Ribfest . It was a hot day for running, but more than 100 runners, walkers and volunteers turned out to support the cause. CityPulse News was there and interviewed David Harris. Sponsor Comfree kindly supplied over 100 directional signs. The event raised $5,000.

CameronHelps’ program director John Knox liked the stadium start and finish, and appreciated the perseverance of the runners and volunteers in the hot weather. “People like Richard Graves, a 79-year-old runner who came out at the last minute to support our cause makes the planning for these things so worthwhile.” He also noted that JACs, a Team Unbreakable run-therapy group from Thornhill came out in memory of one of their members recently lost to suicide. “A special shout out to our title sponsor Carl Worrell of Runner’s Mark for all he and his team did to make the day a success.”