TeamUnbreakable Statistics (Click for 10 integral FACTS about the Team Unbreakable Program) 

The Team Unbreakable Run Program is our flagship school program. It reaches hundreds of students each semester in a safe and supportive environment. The sessions are aimed at teaching students the importance of physical activity on mental health and well-being.

The Team Unbreakable Running for Youth Mental Health Initiative uses running as a vehicle to improve, promote, and affirm youth wellbeing. The program is divided into two components: The Physical Health Component,  which focuses on nutrition, hydration, and the mechanics of running, and the Mental Health Component,  which uses behaviour coaching strategies to help initiate and maintain a running program geared to building resilience every step of the way. Our Physical Health Core Program explores how to run, train, fuel, and handle training adversity, while our Mental Health Core Program focuses on physical health for mental health, motivation, goal setting, and Mindfulness. Our programs central supports are the Student Playbook, Powtoon Videos, E-Resource Library, and Teacher Guide.

Our program aligns with several of the objectives of the Ontario Health Curriculum From Grades 1-12 (Click here to review the Team Unbreakable Ontario Health Curriculum Alignments from Grades 1 through 12) and can be implemented as an active component of any Phys-Ed or Health/Wellbeing Class.

The session ends with a “goal” event (such as the “Bold and Cold” in the late Fall and the Father’s Day Run), in which Team Unbreakable schools come together with the community to run a 5k route where there are medals, food, lots of Team Unbreakable “Swag”, and of course, cheering crowds!