At Team Unbreakable, we’re focused on exercise and its reciprocal relationship to mental health. We offer a suite of free educational resources backed by the latest research in kinesiology, mental health, and education. Our modules are divided into two categories. Physical Health and Mental Health. 

The Physical Health Resources explore how safety, how to hydrate, train, fuel, and handle adversity, while the Mental Health Resources focus on physical health for mental health, goal setting, motivation, psychological skills, social benefits, body image, self-compassion, and creating a balanced life. Our central supports are the Youth Playbook, Teacher Implementation Package, Train the Trainer Seminars, and Videos. 

Theses Resources align with several of the objectives of the Ontario Health Curriculum From Grades 1-12, and can be implemented as an active component of any Phys-Ed or Health/Wellbeing Class. The material can be accessed by visiting the “Team Lead Resource” section of this webpage, registering for our toolkit, which is free, and accessing the material under “Team Unbreakable Toolkit.”

Email with any additional questions. 

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