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The Runner’s Academy A Valued Partner To Team Unbreakable

Team Unbreakable has a valued partnership with the Runner’s Academy.  Started five years ago by Chiropractor Kris Sheppard and his Kinesiologist wife Janie, The Runner’s Academy on St. Clair near Dufferin in Toronto specializes in helping beginner-level to Olympic-calibre athletes meet their goals.

Every spring and fall, Kris is with us at Coronation Park leading the pre-race activities as our runners get ready for their 5K culmination runs along Lake Ontario.  Saturday November 24 was no different as he was at the start line, getting the students moving, exercising and warming up before the start.

The Runner’s Academy is also an adviser to the program, sharing their knowledge in the field of running and health, providing Team Unbreakable a key technical resource. Kris also gives presentations at some of the Toronto schools. “There so much more to running than lacing up your shoes and muscling it out.  We teach the students and our clients that running is a skill and there is a proper technique, you need a proper warmup, strength training and a program to follow.”

(left to right) David Harris, Team Unbreakable Founder, Nil Blondon, Program Coordinator for
Team Unbreakable, and Kris Sheppard of The Runner’s Academy at Toronto Bold & Cold 5k

Recognizing that running is a sport for everyone and the importance of physical health to mental health, The Runner’s Academy created a “Toronto Run Summit” last January and invited Team Unbreakable to speak on one of their panels related to mental health.  “As health care professionals working with runners from the novice to elite levels, we noticed the conversations, the emotions, and many of their feelings are the same,” Kris says.

“The Summit gives a chance for others to see that their peers also have frustrations and, that for example, when they can’t run their mental health suffers.   It also enabled them to share stores about the satisfaction and elation you feel from running plus we are helping running communities connect with each other.”  Kris says he is hoping to do the Summit again this year.

Kris was introduced to Team Unbreakable by Program Coordinator Nils Blondon who is also an avid runner.  The Runner’s Academy serves close to 400 runners per week in its clinic. The clinic has a full-service health team which continues to grow. The practitioners include chiropractors, kinesiologists, massage therapists, physical trainers, and naturopaths. “People come to us from all over, including other countries and they just love running,” says Kris. “Our passion is helping people run for the first time.”