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Team Unbreakable Expansion into Toronto continues

TEAM UNBREAKABLE programs are expanding into the Toronto area, thanks to generous funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

With OTF funding, Team Unbreakable was able to hire full time staff to talk to Toronto schools and to help them implement the program.

“We are encouraged by the responses we have been receiving,” says Carl Worrell, Executive Director for CameronHelps, the charity responsible for Team Unbreakable. “There is definitely a need in the schools that can be filled by the program, which focuses on wellness and physical health for mental health.

“Our program staff in Toronto, John Knox and Nils Blondon, have been great ambassadors for the program and are logging lots of miles in reaching out to many schools that have shown an interest in the program,” he adds. “Many additional schools are interested in joining up for later this fall or for a spring 2017 start time.”

Here is a brief profile of the schools:

Central Technical School Central Tech is one of Toronto’s oldest schools, and boasts a sizeable student body comprised of youth from the city-over. “Tech” is Team Unbreakable’s second Toronto start-up. The group is led by Jemina Delazar, long time ESL teacher at Central Tech and marathon runner. The Tech Group meets every Tuesday and Thursday, and boasts a diverse, enthusiastic group of fledgling Team Unbreakable athletes.

Harbord Collegiate Institute (H.C.I. or Harbord) is a public secondary school located in downtown Toronto. The school is the only one in Toronto to curate and host its very own museum, dedicated to its storied history. Daniel Leblanc is the Team Lead at Harbord. Mr. Leblanc is an avid runner and multiple time participant of the Boston Marathon. The Harbord Team grows every week, and meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

McDonald International Academy (MIA) is a fully registered and accredited secondary school approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. It was the first school in the Toronto 2016 roll-out to start a Team Unbreakable Run Group. The McDonald Team is comprised of youth from all over world, reflecting the diversity and inclusion that embodies the school. The McDonald Program runs on Monday and Thursday, and is the first Team Unbreakable group to be 100% student lead.

Maplewood High School, a specialized vocation high school located on 120 Galloway Rd, Scarborough, was one of the first schools in Toronto to host a Team UNBREAKABLE Program. We’re proud to be a program in a school where, in January 2016 Principal Duncan LeBlanc was named one of Canada’s outstanding principals. Aislinn Clancy has been the dynamic, kind, and enthusiastic Team Lead at Maplewood for the start. Maplewood has a large team of over 20 active participants.

In addition to these five schools, two more schools. West End Alternative School and the YMCA Academy, will be starting in November.