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Hailey pays it forward and is now studying to be a social worker

As the Executive Director of Team Unbreakable, a program dedicated to helping youth realize the benefits of physical health for mental health, I’m proud of our volunteers and staff who work to make the program more available. Every week, I see the results as Team Unbreakable programs help our youth to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

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Hailey Walsh is an early graduate of this running program and in her own words, “it changed my life – it saved me.” Eight years ago when she started running as a form of therapy, she was willing to try anything to help her ease her pain and mental angst. After her group runs, she wrote in her logbook that “this makes me feel unbreakable.” And she kept coming back to that phrase to describe the power, and strength she had uncovered.
It was this inspiration from Hailey that resulted in the charity calling our programs, “Team Unbreakable.” Over the years she has continued to stay in touch. She has coached others in the program as a volunteer and she’s spent a co-op term volunteering with our Team Unbreakable coordinators. Soon she will be paying it forward again as she plans to graduate next year from Humber College as a social worker.

Across the province, there are students, teachers and community leaders who, just like Hailey who are seeing a need to help others. Funding is a major obstacle in the development of new Team Unbreakable programs in much needed areas of the province. You can help us this Christmas Season by making a donation to our 2017 fundraising efforts. Many youth are suffering in silence from anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. And they desperately need this program. Please support our Team Unbreakable programs.

Donate today. I thank you for helping us to change a student’s life.

Carl Worrell
Team Unbreakable Executive Director