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CameronHelps Adds to Board Expertise With Key New Members

CameronHelps has added three new members to its board of directors, adding significant business skills and mental health clinical experience to the charity.

Robert Bracey, CEO and President of Quartet Service Inc., Chad Harper, Vice-President of Confederation Freezers and Catherine Sabiston, Professor, University of Toronto (pictured here) were elected at the August 10, 2017 meeting of the board.

“Our new board members are extremely talented and experienced individuals in their fields and we are extremely fortunate that they have chosen to join us at this important juncture in our growth. CameronHelps has expanded rapidly over the past two years, but the demand for youth mental health programs is very high and the charity requires additional organizational skills, funding and resources,” says CameronHelps President and Founder David Harris.

“Robert, Chad and Catherine are uniquely suited to help the charity to grow during our next phase of development,” said Acting Chair Bob Wordham.  “Our Executive Director Carl Worrell and his program coordinators have developed a strong signature Team Unbreakable run program.  The primary focus of the new members in the expanded board will be fundraising in order to continue the program’s growth.”  Carl emphasized, “We are particularly pleased that Catherine Sabiston will bring her special expertise to support an evidence basis for program improvements.”

In addition to his duties as CEO and President of Quartet Service Inc., Robert Bracey (pictured left) served as Past-President of Venture Tech Network (VTN), North American’s biggest IT service provider association.   He has over 35 years’ experience in consulting, management and sales including roles at Nortel, Coopers & Lybrand and several boutique financial firms.


Along with his Vice-President role at Confederation Freezers, Chad Harper  (pictured left) is an active supporter of CameronHelps and the former Milton firefighter has pledged to raise $10,000 for the charity by running 10,000k over the next few years. He is also involved with the charity Food for Life a volunteer with the operations committee.



Catherine Sabiston, PhD is a Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health and she also has an established relationship with CameronHelps. The U of T Professor contributed a video that was presented to the Sudbury Rainbow District School Board about the positive impacts of physical health on mental health. She will bring to the charity the research rigor, reputation and resources of her department.

“Our search continues to round out and strengthen our board of director team. Expect some exciting additional announcements shortly,” said Bob Wordham.

The recent board additions helped to fill the void with the recent departures of Jennifer Brighton, director of clinical, and Keith Madley, director of finance. “The contributions of Jennifer and Keith helped CameronHelps to grow to the place we are today and I would like to express my deep gratitude for their long service to the board,” added David Harris.

Milton resident raises $3,000 through Unbreakable 1000 Challenge

It didn’t take Milton resident Chad Harper long to raise $1,000. He did it in a flash – – two days to be exact. Then in a week he’s tripled his pledges to $3,000 for Team Unbreakable programs.

The father of two teenagers took the Unbreakable 1000 Challenge in June and agreed to run 1000k to raise $1,000 for CameronHelps’ programs. With his objective met so quickly and rising, he’s setting his sights on a bigger goal. “Well, I surpassed the $1,000 goal in two days so I have since increased it to $10,000. Might as well make it a challenge – even if it takes me four years!” Chad says.

That goal shouldn’t be too difficult for the athletic and fit former Milton firefighter. He has a black belt in Judo and Karate and has run marathons, as well as racing in mountain bike and cross country ski events (including a 90 km ski race in Sweden in February). “I’m in the gym three days per week for strength training so I would say I’m well rounded athletically,” he says.

Chad has coached children for many years and sees the importance in helping them improve their self-esteem and confidence. He is a coach for the Karate club, the Fighting Griffin, of Milton.

He is participating this year in the Team Unbreakable Father’s Day run with his son this year and heard about the Unbreakable 1000 through the web. “The cause will support someone close to me. The news of the recent youth suicides in the Woodstock community underscores the importance to doing more to help our young people,” he adds.

He says a lot of his sponsorship support is coming from his work colleagues and business associates. Chad is a Vice President of Confederation Freezers in Brampton.