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Coach Jimena talks about running and Team Unbreakable

CameronHelps recently talked to Team Unbreakable coach Jimena DelAzar who is the ESL teacher at Central Technical School, in Toronto. Here’s what she had to say about the run program:

How long have you been working at your respective school?

I’ve been a teacher at Central Technical School for 11 years now.

How long have you been running?

I’ve been running for 4 years more or less, but only the last 2 more seriously or consistently.

What do you love about running?

I love the feeling of being able to keep my body in motion for a continuous period of time while I catch great sights of parks, neighbourhoods, and lots of outdoor landscapes of all kinds. The feeling of the breeze or wind cooling you down mid-run is awesome. Finally, my favourite is the feeling of accomplishment and relaxation after the run. Gotta love those endorphins and how they improve all moods!

How long have you been running a Team Unbreakable Program?

We ran the Team Unbreakable Program at CTS for the first time in Semester 1 this school year, and cannot wait to start the next group with semester 2.

What do you like about the program?

I love how accessible the program is. Before I started running I could never imagine myself as a runner. Now I love being able to help students of all levels, ages, and abilities achieve that first 5k. The step-by-step process, the support of everyone involved, and the focus on the benefits of running for mental health, make this an excellent program for high schools.

How have your students responded to the program?

The students loved the program too. They developed a team feel right away supporting each other, encouraging and helping each other out on the practice runs and the final race day. The felt very proud of themselves and want to keep on running!

Any closing thoughts?

Giving students a clear, accessible, virtually free tool that they can use to cope with stress, anxiety and / or the daily pressures they could experience, is invaluable.