She’s Giving Back And Leaving a Legacy To Other Students

As the Executive Director of Team Unbreakable, a program dedicated to helping youth realize the benefits of physical health for mental health, I’m proud of our volunteers and staff who work to make the program more available. Every week, I see the results as Team Unbreakable programs help our youth to manage stress, anxiety and depression. But I’m especially proud when one of our program participants shares the program with others. One such person is Lindsay Keenan, a graduate of a Team Unbreakable program. Her group runs and encouragement from peers and coaches provided the support she needed to move forward at a critical time in her life. In her own words she says, “it’s really important to have these programs available to students – it’s setting us up for the rest of our adulthood.” What is truly amazing about Lindsay’s story is that she is now helping others. Lindsay graduated from High School and with her acceptance to York University, brought the Team Unbreakable program there. Team Unbreakable at York University now serves over 50 students every semester. The program has been operating successfully for the past three years, thanks to Lindsay’s leadership.

Across the province, there are students, teachers and community leaders who, just like Lindsay are seeing a need to help others. Funding is a major obstacle in the development of new Team Unbreakable programs in much needed areas of the province. You can help us this Christmas Season by making a donation to our 2017 fundraising efforts. Many youth are suffering in silence from anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. And they desperately need this program. Please support our Team Unbreakable programs.

Donate today at TU Winter Campaign. I thank you for helping us to change a student’s life.

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