School-wide fundraiser run at Parkdale JR & SR Public School

On Tuesday, June 5th Parkdale JR & SR Public School held a school-wide fundraiser run to help send its Team Unbreakable Group to the Toronto Unbreakable 5k. It’s at this event on June 9th that the run group participants will take on their goal of completing a 5k run/walk. The entire school participated in the fundraiser raising $1084 from donations and bake sale.

Pictured above (from l to r) Nils Blondon (Team Unbreakable Program Coordinator), Carl Worrell ( Team Unbreakable Executive Director), Said Khayat (Parkdale Team Unbreakable co-lead) and Stephanie Hawkland (Parkdale Team Unbreakable co-lead).

To participate or learn more about the Toronto Unbreakable 5k and other Unbreakable events go to 

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