Runner’s Mark Team Unbreakable 10K and 5K Run set for June 30 at Centennial Park

CameronHelps ( ) is proud to announce that Runner’s Mark ( of Port Credit has signed on as title sponsor of the inaugural 2012 Runner’s Mark Team UNBREAKABLE Rib Run on Saturday June 30th. The 10k run & 5k run/walk starts in Etobicoke, Ont. at Centennial Park and winds along the beautiful and scenic Etobicoke Creek and back to Centennial Park.

Afterwards, runners and spectators are invited to stay to enjoy the many delicious kinds of ribs served at Toronto Ribfest. The annual rib event features 17 different contestants from the U.S. and Canada serving their special recipes to appreciative meat lovers. Apart from the run, the day is noted for cotton candy, fireworks, picnics, live music and an array of vendors.

The run is organized by CameronHelps as part of the Rotary Club of Etobicoke’s Toronto Ribfest Heroes’ Day celebration. After the run, CameronHelps is challenging a number of local Firefighter, Police and Armed Forces personnel to participate in the “Vertical Challenge” a gruelling fitness competition on Centennial Park’s notorious hill.

CameronHelps and Runner’s Mark agree on the positive mental and physical impact that running can have on people with mental health issues. Carl Worrell, owner of Runner’s Mark and an avid runner, has seen the benefits of running first hand. He believes “running is a wonderful activity that manages mood, reduces stress and elevates energy.”