Runner’s Mark owner Carl Worrell: giving back to community

Carl Worrell, the owner of Runner’s Mark, is committed to giving back to the community and he has demonstrated this by offering to be the title sponsor of the first annual Runner’s Mark Unbreakable Rib Run.
Carl enjoyed competitive running and developing a sense of accomplishment through his success as an all-star athlete.
As a young professional rising through the corporate ranks in the pharmaceutical health industry and heading up several pharma divisions, he began to look for a personal sense of accomplishment and a direct contribution to the community.
When Carl moved back to Canada, specifically Mississauga, he started running again and everything he had felt – the sense of accomplishment, the pure joy and freedom that only running can bring, came rushing back.
Carl decided his new venture was going to be associated with running. Working in the United States, Carl had noticed a significant discrepancy in pricing for good quality running equipment and products in the U.S. versus Canada. This gave birth to Runner’s Mark – a storefront in the community of Port Credit providing the best quality running equipment with a promise of the best prices in Canada through his on-line store –
Carl looked for something that truly completed his vision to Motivate, Support and Supply – using Runner’s Mark as a way to give back. Having had young kids of his own, Carl understood the challenges of adolescence, the ups and downs, and the temptations. He sought out organizations that Runner’s Mark could partner with, hoping to find an important youth connection.
CameronHelps was the perfect match.