Profile of One of Our Volunteer Coaches, Nick Brindisi

CameronHelps could not operate without its wonderful network of volunteer run-therapy and wellness coaches. Nick Brindisi is one of those coaches who has helped youth in Collingwood with our TeamUnbreakable group there.  We recently caught up with him to talk about his dedication and support to the charity.

First, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I grew up and live in beautiful Collingwood, which is a perfect setting to live a healthy active lifestyle. I have had the honour to raise two young sons, ages 23 and 18, with my wife Susan. I’m a Principle of a marketing business NAKB Design and Partner in Inzane Planet Inc.

Running is a big part of your life so I guess your association with Team Unbreakable was a natural fit?

Yes, I am a lifetime runner, having participated in all levels of races from 5k run to Ultra Marathons. I am a race director of the Collingwood Half Marathon and 10k and love to coach and help others. If I can help one person improve one aspect of their life, then I’m fulfilled.

What is your message to the teens and others you coach?

Simply that physical, mental, and nutritional health are all key areas that we need to improve upon to help us live better lives.

 Youve given back to CameronHelps in other ways as well?

I sit on the communications committee for the charity, advising on the website, social media and general promotions.  I am always looking for ways to expand the Team Unbreakable program here in the Collingwood area and of course, I raise funds when I can and look for opportunities to find sponsors or supporters to keep the program going.

You also support number of other charities in your area?

Yes, I coach ski racing for the Special Olympics Program at Blue Mountain, raise money for the Collingwood Hospital and donate website support to the Hospice Georgian Triangle. I also support My Friends House which is a Women’s shelter in Collingwood.

What have been your proudest moments as a runner?

One of them is making it through 105k and 14,000 feet climb/descent in a race called the Sinister 7 in the Crowsnest Pass Alberta. I suffered through heat stroke and a Grizzly bear encounter. I’ll be back in 2015 to finish it. Also completing a 75k in 2011 and a 100k in 2012 that raised $5,500 for the Collingwood G & M Hospital.

You talk a lot about living an active and healthy lifestyle. What else do you do to fulfill this love of sports and wellness?

As well as running, I am a Black Belt in Taekwondo and love to kayak, mountain bike, ski and play soccer and tennis.  I also started a website called My Active Lifetime. This brings together the collective knowledge of other people who inspire me to write about a variety of things related to health living. The website address is