PepsiCo Foundation supports new school programs

The PepsiCo Foundation has made a significant impact on the Team Unbreakable recreational run program by agreeing to provide funding for five Greater Toronto schools next year for the fall and spring semesters.

The schools are:

·         Maplewood (Scarborough)

·         Portage Trail Community School (North York)

·         West Credit SS (Mississauga)

·         Bishop Redding CSS (Milton)

·         Acton High (Acton)


“This is one of our largest corporate donations that the charity has received and we deeply appreciate the generosity and support of the PepsiCo Foundation,” said CameronHelps CEO David Harris.  CameronHelps Board Member Hugh Williams who is responsible for fundraising initiatives, submitted a proposal to the Foundatiion which was accepted because it has a particular interest in youth.

“They are looking to support projects where youth require assistance and where the program is inclusive so it was a perfect fit for CameronHelps,” said Hugh. “They also appreciate that ‘at risk’ youth tend to have fewer opportunities for health care, including  poorer health and mental health, and may be more prone to things like bullying.  So our  training sessions would be of help.”

Last year there were more than 40 schools in Ontario involved in Team Unbreakable programs.  With additional funding and resources, the program will continue to grow rapidly, said David Harris.