One-on-one with CameronHelps founder David Harris: 2013 in review

The year has gone by quickly but you must be looking back with some satisfaction?

It was an exciting year for all of us at CameronHelps. From the overwhelming approval the school boards gave us in supporting our Team Unbreakable Running Programs, the hiring of new staff and the addition of new board members. I am looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2014.

The high school programs are now into its second year. What sort of momentum are you seeing?

There are now more and more schools getting involved and active in the program. The word is getting out there and the only thing I feel that will slow us down is not having enough staff to support it. That is why raising additional funds will be so important.

For you what would consider to be the highlight of the last year?

The highlight this year was a personal one with a young person telling me how much the program has meant and they were inspired to make a difference not only in their life but in the lives of others.

Any other significant milestones for CameronHelps in 2013?

I not sure you would call it a milestone but the willingness of everyone on the Board to embrace change and continue to passionately commit to growing the organization.

The Unbreakable Father’s Day event set participation records despite a torrential downpour. How did you manage that?

The Father’s Day Run Walk is always a highlight for me and the energy despite the weather was amazing. The people that came were “Unbreakable”! The high schools came out in great numbers this year. There is no doubt we will have a record number of participants in 2014.

Can you talk about your vision for the coming year, what you would like to see and where the charity is heading?

My vision for 2014……I really believe now it is a collective vision of our board but I think the Team Unbreakable Running Program will continue to grow, we will be hiring more Program Managers and most importantly continue to help more and more young people.

Personally, this year coming up is a big one. You are running the Mississauga Marathon in May for the 10th time in memory of your son. This must be satisfying but at the same time very emotional time as well?

The Mississauga Marathon is very emotional…..for me it is a time to reflect and celebrate my son’s life. The last couple of years I have been injured so I am looking forward to it not only running Mississauga but achieving one of my personal goals and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Regardless of the result I will finish knowing that Cameron was with me every step of the way. Each one is an incredible experience.

Anything else you would like to tell your followers and supporters?

The only thing I would ask is people out there continue to spread the word about our organization. We will only grow if we have the support and involvement of many. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and Happy New Year!