New Unbreakable 1000 Challenge offers alternative to 5K races – focusing on long term goal of running 1000 kilometres

A new program has been unveiled by Team Unbreakable which provides an alternative, or addition to, 5K run/walks to support the charity.

The U1000 Challenge concept is simple.  Run 1000K.  Raise $1000.  Be Unbreakable.   But it isn’t easy, hence the challenge!  Running 1000K and raising the money takes dedication.

A website has been set up specifically for the challenge. Click here.  You create your own personal page, log the miles you are accumulating from your runs each week, and collect pledge sponsors along the way, the same as fundraising for a regular 5K race. Sponsors can find out who is taking the challenge and pledge their financial support.

The Unbreakable 1000 Challenge was the brainchild of Team Unbreakable Board Member Hugh Williams, responsible for fundraising. “The Unbreakable 1000 Challenge is for anyone who likes to run,” says Hugh. “Runners know there’s a connection between physical health and mental health.  They get it.”

“The great thing is,” adds Hugh, “taking the U1000 Challenge gives recreational runners like me something more to run for.  If you’re running anyway, why not run for youth mental health!”

And there’s a Team Challenge too – which is a great way for people to do something together as a couple, a family, a club, a school, or a group of friends.  Go online, create your Team, and then embark on your 1000K journey.  Click here for the link. Of course, doing it as a team makes the distance go by much faster, since everybody’s distance counts toward the team goal.

The money raised by the Challenge will support the continued success and growth of the Team Unbreakable school running program.  “The program is making a big difference in high schools and in clinical settings.  Young people are finding hope, gaining new strength and learning new skills to help them cope and overcome,” says charity founder David Harris.

Over 1000 students were registered in our Spring 2015 high school programs.  It’s a 12 week program, with a curriculum guide for teachers and coaches, that teaches students how to run in a team, set personal goals, and achieve them.  Plus there’s high school presentations, special training on mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness, and more.

Team Unbreakable encourages you – individually or with a team – to take the U1000 Challenge.  Be UNBREAKABLE.