Mental Illness Awareness Week Oct. 1-7 : Help Those Who Are Suffering

Mental illness affects more than six million people across the country, or one in five Canadians. A strong societal stigmatization of mental illness persists, forcing individuals into the shadows to suffer alone in silence. Unfortunately, many Canadians with mental illness will not seek the help they need and society continues to remain unaware of the significant burden mental illness places on us all.

The Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct. 1-7, 2018 in Canada) campaign has fought to increase awareness and decrease stigmatization through the sharing of hundreds of personal stories from individuals living with mental illness. The purpose of Team Unbreakable and our partners  is to place mental illness on the national stage by educating Canadians and healthcare practitioners on the importance of early recognition, proper diagnosis, and effective medical treatment and show that by doing so, individuals living with mental illness are capable of leading rewarding and productive lives.

We hope to reach more Canadians than ever before and encourage them to share their personal stories about stigma and how it negatively affects them in their personal life, in the workplace, or in their community. Please make a donation today to help us continue to support those in need who suffer from mental illness.

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