Meet some of our Unbreakable Father’s Day supporters

Since CameronHelps has purchased a new registration system for its events, we have the opportunity to ask you to tell us why you support us.  Here are some inspiring messages from our great supporters that have been gleaned from the Unbreakable Father’s Day 5k site.

R3 Evolution Team

 $1,300 raised, 19 participants

R3 Team’s mission is to spread “doing your best, THAT’S ALL!” We are a community of like-minded people who want to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. We recognize the importance of being active to help prevent and cure those suffering from mental illnesses. We believe in empowering one other to evolve from the “Impossible” to “I’m Possible!” One Team! One Tribe! We’re Team R3!!!!

Hacksaw's Strollers

Hacksaw’s Strollers, Rollers and Joggers

$1,195 raised, 12 participants


We believe that both physical and mental health are very important and impact each other. Young people who face physical and mental health problems should not be forgotten or ignored. Together we can make a difference regardless of how small we think our contribution is. Hacksaw

Moore Family runners

 Moore Family

$324 raised, 3 participants


We are great supporters of this event, at least one of us has run every year. This year we will hit the road with Barb, Travis and Warren. Dylan is off to work in the US for a year and Mark will join us for Breakfast. Great family event supporting a great cause.

West Credit Secondary School

West Credit Secondary School

$180 raised, 7 participants


We are about synergy! We are about setting personal goals and helping each other work towards those goals. We are unbreakable and together we are unstoppable!

Father-Daugher Team Arnone

Team Arnone

$75 raised, 2 participants


Long-time volunteers in the GTA, John and Terra Arnone are a father-daughter duo with sincere passion for mental health awareness in our community. We’re looking forward to participating in the Unbreakable Father’s Day 5K for a second time this year.