Mark Trenton goes the distance for Unbreakable 1000

CameronHelps’ supporter Mark Trenton of Toronto is the first person who has run 1,000 kilometres and raised a $1 for every kilometre along the way.

The marathoner heard about the Unbreakable 1000 challenge from a fraternity friend, Hugh Williams, at a reunion last December. Mark liked the idea and its focus on mental health and readily admits the challenge fit well with his “guilty pleasure” which is running.

Mark, a mild mannered accountant by day and running enthusiast by night, sent out his email to friends and colleagues, not knowing how much he might raise. Mark said he was happy with the response and just “good Karma” that allowed him to reach this incredible donation milestone.

Married with two daughters, Mark started running seriously in 2003. This year he has completed the Buffalo marathon in May and was to run the New York marathon in November.

Like many, he has his own stories that can link back to the importance of helping youth suffering from anxiety, depression and mental illness. He remembers his own guidance counsellor and coach telling him to “go for a run” when he was feeling down as a teenager, and it helped him.

Back at the University of Western Ontario, he and his fraternity brothers annually raise money to support the local mental heath unit in memory of a Brother they all knew who died by suicide.