Mardi Michels runs for Team Unbreakable 1000 Challenge

Teacher, author and runner Mardi Michels in on the run in a big way this year.  As of November 18 she has completed 852K on the way to her goal of completing 1000K by year-end. “I thought the Unbreakable 1000 challenge was a perfect way to give back what running has given me,” she says. “Physically, I’m in much better shape than I was, but more importantly, I’m in a much better place in my head than I was this time two years ago,” she adds.

The Unbreakable Challenge 1000 asks participants to raise $1000 for every kilometer they run. To read more about Mardi’s journey as she balances the stress of writing a cookbook and why she is supporting Team Unbreakable, Click Here

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