Jewish Addiction and Community Services (JACS) of Thornhill joins Team Unbreakable Program

JACS, a community-based outreach agency supported by a Trillium Grant, has jumped into the Team Unbreakable group run therapy program. The Thornhill branch of JACS is launching its first run therapy program in March 2012, led by program director Jay Pasternack who has a background in addictions and mental health.

Addiction is often a symptom of mental illness including depression, says CameronHelps Board Chair Randy Flewelling. “We are very happy to be supporting JACS with its program and its focus on youth and young adults fits in extremely well with the overall intent and outcomes of Team Unbreakable.”

Jay Pasternack and some of the JACS’ running coaches were able to hear McMaster professors Dr. Sassi and Dr. McKinnon at the CameronHelps’ AGM March 1, 2012. The science of mood disorders shows that some areas of the brain are particularly vulnerable to patients with major depression disorders. JACS plan on participating with CameronHelps and McMaster in the future as part of McMaster’s research program into the links between exercise and mental health.

The JACS’ organizers believe that this program of running, motivational guest speakers and family support can help with the recovery from substance abuse,” says Flewelling. “They are gearing up for their 5K run in Thornhill as their culminating event.”

The JACS speakers will focus more on addiction issues, but also bring to light the importance of physical activity and its healing therapeutic benefits.