Help Us Raise Funds and Vote for Team Unbreakable To Receive $100,000

We’re Celebrating our Growth at TEAM UNBREAKABLE. And Aviva Community Fund is here to help!!  To celebrate ten years of impact Aviva Community Fund is donating over $1 million to fund charitable initiatives across Canada. In a voting contest, TEAM UNBREAKABLE needs your help to receive a $100,000 award toward bringing our volunteer team leads together for best practices training. All we need is some of your time to achieve this goal.

1. Please register for the Aviva Community Fund here. You’ll receive 10 votes.

2. Please vote!!! You can split your votes, but we at TEAM UNBREAKABLE would appreciate getting all of them. The competition will be stiff, so we really need your help.

3. Please share this link, or this email, with 10 friends so they too can help TEAM UNBREAKABLE volunteer coaches become the best possible.

When you’re registered with the Aviva Community Fund you can use your 10 votes at any time from September 25, 2018, to October 4, 2018, to I’m giving all of mine to TEAM UNBREAKABLE today.

We want to let you know that we won on November 20, 2018. So please give our selfless coaches a Christmas present they won’t forget as they prepare to deliver the best TEAM UNBREAKABLE programs. Constantly improving youth mental health.

Thank You!!!

David Harris

Founder, Team Unbreakable formally CameronHelps
Help us to save one life at a time.
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