Flow Away Stigma Yoga session with proceeds going to CameronHelps

Lauren Dickenson,  is hosting a Yoga fundraiser Saturday Oct. 4 with proceeds benefiting CameronHelps.  We interviewed Lauren to get her perspective on the event. For more information see the previous article posted on our site, or contact lauren.dickenson@hotmail.com.

What motivated you to help fundraise for CameronHelps?

I came to know about CameronHelps when I talked to a fellow teacher and I was looking to donate to a charity. My brother has mental health issues and I felt that the charity’s core values matched my own. I think it’s important to start young and intervene to break the stigma surrounding mental health and using physical activity to decrease depression is extremely important.

What is the connection between what our charity does and Yoga?

I think there is a very strong connection between CameronHleps and the healing power ofyoga. Yoga is a physical practice that creates positive endorphins in the body; sending position “feel food” thoughts to the mind. It teaches one self love and interaction between community members.

Any examples from your instruction where you have helped those suffering from depression?

In particular, one of my students expressed their battle with depression and  negative self image. The person said that when they started to come to yoga, they noticed a shift in their own mind. Of course it will not change over night, but the fact that the individual was feeling something positive and noticing changes really moved me. It reminds me why I teach yoga.

What should people expect from your yoga class?

The yoga session will focus on letting go of expectations, stigma, thoughts, and control and just having fun with other community members who all support mental health awareness. People should expect a very welcoming, fun, laid back HOT community class.

If you are a beginner, is there anything you need to know beforehand?

Bring water, listen to your body when it tells you to push to your edge or take a rest, and just HAVE FUN?