Fall Team Unbreakable Program expands in Halton schools

The Team Unbreakable school program has rapidly expanded into Halton schools this fall. The 12-week sessions are aimed at teaching students about the importance of physical activity on mental health and well-being.

Last semester 5 Halton schools participated in the program – now there are 14 schools: 4 each in Oakville, Milton and Burlington and 2 in Halton Hills.

In Peel there are 12 schools returning with the program: 6 in Mississauga, 4 in Brampton and 1 in Caledon.  In addition, there are two schools in Barrie and Midland that are holding programs again this year.   In total, there are 37 Team Unbreakable programs running across the province with 28 part of a regular after school initiatives.  “We are encouraged by the success of our program and the interest being shown by principals, teachers and students to expand the Team Unbreakable concept,” says CEO and Founder of CameronHelps, David Harris.

Both school boards in Peel and Halton have been interested in adding more schools and increasing participation, says CameronHelps program director John Knox.  John has been extremely busy since September holding orientation and information sessions to all of the new schools interested in the program.

Typically, the program involves a twice-weekly hands-on running session with students that lasts until the end of the semester. Before their non-competitive runs, participants are taught about wellness issues such as the importance of nutrition, setting smart goals, stress reduction, motivation, improving focus, mindfulness, mental wellness,  creating a balanced life, injury prevention, proper equipment to use and stretching exercises. As part of the program and as an added fundraiser, participating schools are offered running shoe discounts, courtesy of store owner Carl Worrell of Runner’s Mark in Port Credit.

The fall session ends with two culmination events, called the Bold and Cold,  in which Team Unbreakable participants run a 5k distance.  Register for the Oakville (Halton) or Brampton (Peel) Unbreakable Bold and Cold 5k. For more information about the programs, contactjohnk@cameronhelps.ca