Facts about teen suicides and health funding

Teen Suicide Facts and Stats:

The average wait time for psychiatric help for teens with depression is six to eight months.

Suicide ranks 200th in health funding. Yet it is 2nd only to motor vehicle accidents in deaths among young people

In her article “Tackling the Issue of Teen Suicide” in the Toronto Star on Feb. 11, 2005, Carol Goar wrote:

  • Depression, a treateable illness, causes 75 – 90% of suicides among young people.
  • 80% of kids suffer in silence. Their condition is never identified or treated.

Toronto Star – Tackling the Issue of Teen Suicide

A 2008 Canadian Medical Association study revealed that:

  • 46% believe mental illness is merely an “excuse for poor behavior and personal failings”
  • 42% would no longer socialize with a friend diagnosed with mental illness.
  • 55% would not marry someone with mental illness.
  • 50% would not tell friends or coworkers that a family member was suffering from mental illness but 72% would discuss cancer and 68% diabetes.
  • 50% think depression is not serious

Statistics Canada 2002 Survey

  • In Ontario, about 250,000 or 15% of all young adults aged 15-24 had suicidal thoughts that year.