Facebook introduces online tool to reduce teen suicide

By Jennifer Lamanna

January marked the beginning of a new year for suicide awareness when Facebook agreed to battle the cause by launching a suicide prevention tool.

Now the Facebook community of 800 million users will have one click access to a number of suicide prevention tools, including how to help someone who has just posted suicidal content and a list of suicide hotlines segmented by geography.  These tools are available for the members themselves, or for members to forward to others who they feel may be contemplating suicide.

Facebook urges its members to pay close attention to their Facebook friends and the content they are posting. If a member reads a post that has a suicidal tone, Facebook urges people to report this to its suicide help services department .

Facebook can then directly provide their Facebook member the support they need. If you or a friend is contemplating suicide, or you would like to check out the resources available simply type in ‘suicide’ in the Facebook search engine and you will be provided with a series of FAQs and support resources.