Dan McGann speaks about youth depressions and suicide prevention

Dan McGann, who created the award-winning run-therapy and wellness programs that Team Unbreakable is based, will be speaking on Nov. 14 in Mississauga at the Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church.  Levels of anxiety and depression are increase for children, you and families. Dan will speak to address some of the reasons why and provide practical tips and tools to deal with some of the challenges. There will be time for questions and everyone is welcome.


Photo caption:  David Harris, founder of Team Unbreakable (left) with Dan McGann at a school presentation


The event is being held at 1338 Clarkson Road in Mississauga, starting at 7:30 p.m.  For more information call 905-822-8911. The Church is hosting a series of mental health information sessions. Dan is a registered social worker with over 30 years experience helping families deal with mental health challenges. His website is www.danmcganntherapy.com



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