CameronHelps wins Scotiabank Charity Challenge; Receives extra $2,000

Thanks to Robert Wordham’s Hacksaw Crusade which eventually raised more than $107,000 for CameronHelps at the Mississauga Marathon weekend in May, 2017, the charity ended up with the award for “largest total funds raised. This means the charity received another $2,000 from the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

Bob ran the Mississauga half marathon to celebrate his 80th birthday and to raised money for the charity. On May 2 he presented a cheque to CameronHelps for his fundraising and was congratulated by MPP for Mississauga South Charles Sousa, CameronHelps Founder David Harris, Executive Director Carl Worrell and Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Review Team Member Monty Fidda.

At a reception on June 2, the OTF gave a plaque to CameronHelps in celebration of their partnership. OTF grants have totalled over $350,000 to help with organizing Team Unbreakable run wellness and run therapy programs in the GTA and Hamilton regions.

At the Mississauga Marathon, Team Unbreakable runners raised over $4,000 from sponsors in addition to the money raised by Bob’s Crusade.

“We are very appreciative for all that Bob has done for the charity in raising funds and contributing his talents as a Board Member.  His accomplishments are significant and we salute his dedication and tenacity,” says CameronHelps CEP and Founder David Harris.”

Photo: (left to right) – Bob Wordham, David Harris, MPP Charles Sousa and Monty Fidda.

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