CameronHelps strategic retreat sets tone for charity’s future activities

The board of directors for CameronHelps met in Oakville on February 9 to discuss future growth opportunities and direction.  The meeting covered a wide variety of topics, including a review of current activities, mandate and objectives, resources and structuring of committees.

“This retreat was a very important team building initiative to discuss our future and to get a consensus among board members on important issues. We’ve grown very quickly as a charity during the past two years and expanded in different areas. So this session helped us to get alignment and focus on what is important,” Said Board Chair Randy Flewelling.

The charity reaffirmed its intent to prevent teen suicide through awareness, reducing stigma and promoting wellness. Currently CameronHelps organizes suicide prevention events and promotes suicide awareness training.  Research shows that physical activities, like running, improves overall mental health and builds resilience. Its flagship program Team Unbreakable, is a recreational run program offered in more than 25 high schools. Team Unbreakable also offers a run-therapy program for hospitals, community and health agencies.

Program Director John Knox outlined the charity’s growth over the past two years.  By the spring it is predicted there will be eight run-therapy programs established in Ontario and 28 wellness programs in high schools.

The board agreed on the need to put more emphasis on research, fundraising, a speakers program and education in the schools.  Additional sub-committees will be established and an effort to recruit more volunteers to provide much-needed resources.

“We are growing from a position of strength, with a wonderful partnership with McMaster University and the support of major hospitals, community and family health agencies plus Halton and Peel school boards.  The board is excited about our future and looking forward to telling more people about this at our AGM in March,’ said Flewelling.