Funding Appeal – End of Year 2015

Thank you for your prior support of CameronHelps and our Team Unbreakable run programs – either by sponsoring a program/event participant, or as a direct donor. Please consider a year end donation now.

Mental health is one of the most under-serviced areas of health care. Young people needing mental health treatment often face a lonely and misunderstood struggle. Each suicide has a huge impact on family, friends and the community. Permanently.

CameronHelps is helping through our Team Unbreakable recreational running program in schools and our Team Unbreakable run therapy program in health care facilities which in just three years have expanded to more than 50 schools, community health centers and hospitals, and directly involved over 1000 youth last Spring.  The programs are helping youth develop emotional and social resiliency while experiencing the positive effects of teamwork, physical activity, and goal accomplishment.

Team Unbreakable is physical health for mental health.  It is in demand because it works.  However, we can’t meet the demand without money – and much of that money needs to come from donors who believe in what we’re doing.

Some great news… We have received provincial funding to help grow the program within Toronto.  There is a huge need in Toronto, just as there is in all our communities.  We’re working hard to put the resources in place to meet the demand.  Your support helps keep our current programs going and will also enable us to expand services and help more youth.

Please consider making a DONATION to CameronHelps and Team Unbreakable.

All the best in 2016!

David Harris   Founder   CameronHelps

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