Board sets direction for busy fall season with fundraising as priority

Coming off a very successful year in Ontario high schools, the Team Unbreakable program is poised to expand further into Halton. With this growth, the CameronHelps board met July 11 and July 24 to discuss these new opportunities (and challenges).

“We have a very successful program in place, but our funding can’t keep up,” says Chair Randy Flewelling.  Our Team Unbreakable program is gaining in popularity, and there has never been a greater need to help our teens. However, to keep up with this growth, we desperately need new sources of fundraising or the programs can’t meet the demand.”

Says CEO and Founder of CameronHelps, David Harris: “We have come so far and helped so many youth, but the need for these services is beyond our reach to provide them, unless we receive more help. Fundraising has become our number one issue, to keep our programs going, to encourage wellness, and prevent more suicides in our communities.”


CameronHelps has been supported primarily through private donations, foundation or company sponsorships, and through Trillium Foundation grants. However, Trillium grants are offered traditionally as start-up funds and organizations such as CameronHelps must eventually become self-sustaining.  This source of funding will not continue indefinitely, says David.

The Board met to brainstorm additional forms of fundraising that can be tapped.  A number of ideas are in the exploration stage for the fall, including school fundraisers, a September 10, 2014 Suicide Prevention Day, SafeTALK service talks, an on-line crowdsourcing initiative and merchandise sales.

“We definitely need our supporters to come forward again and help us with their generosity. And we will definitely be more active in telling our story to those who may not know about the great work we have done. Those who have any fundraising or event planning experience who are interested in volunteering with CameronHelps, please contact us,” says Randy.