An Important Funding Request from Team Unbreakable

Our youth mental health charity, in partnership with local school boards and others, is instilling in kids/youth the ability to handle stress, anxiety and depression through a proven, fun, free, and non-competitive running program.  Participants are taught how to run along with a curriculum that includes nutrition, mindfulness, stretching, and more.  They learn important life skills which help prepare them for when times get tough.  It’s physical health for mental health.

With almost a third of young people reporting some level of psychological distress and one in five with a mental health challenge, the issue is significant.

We are passionate about our unique and sound approach to addressing the issue.   Simply put, this program works.

Our Board has taken bold steps to ensure our funding stabilizes in 2019 and beyond, however, to continue our program, we need to raise over $10,000 in donations before Christmas.

We’ve set up a special fund here:
It would mean a great deal if you are able to donate.

Or should you prefer, a cheque can also be provided to “Team Unbreakable” at:
54 Hyde Park Ave, Hamilton, ON  L8P 4M7

Community Program Update:
We had another invigorating Fall term with programs in Halton, Peel, and Toronto schools. A few highlights…

·         Two Toronto schools, Parkdale Jr. and Sr. with 77 participants and Parkdale Collegiate with 51, had an amazing team this fall!

·         Over 500 runners participated in the Halton and Toronto Bold and Cold 5k events – with a pancake breakfast, buff, medal and (we hope) some warm socks. Congratulations to all the students.

·         Our sponsors made it possible to subsidize participation for 68 students in the goal events.

·         Lots of encouraging comments received like “My daughter felt proud of herself!”; “first time they ever felt part of a team”, “great boost to self-worth and accomplishment”. THAT’s why we do it!

Walkerton Program Running Strong
Two Walkerton area schools – Walkerton District Community School and St. Teresa of Calcutta – got into the Team Unbreakable action thanks to local heroes Susan Dietz and Derek Ditner from the Brockton and Area Family Health Team.  Next term, they will have the program up in three area schools!

Susan and Derek are great examples of how many of our volunteers give back to the community.  Thank you to ALL the amazing volunteers who are real DIFFERENCE MAKERS.

Lucas Werger – Scaled Volcano for Mental Health
Lucas has just returned from Hawaii where he ran up a mountain and into a volcanic crater to raise funds for Team Unbreakable.  His campaign is here.  THANK YOU LUCAS and to all your donors!

BTW, it’s easy to create your own fundraising campaign like Lucas did. It could be an event or some kind of challenge, or whatever you’d like.  Do so HERE online – and we’ll help publicize and promote it too of course. Thank you!

Espanola, Ont. – Here We Come!
This active, engaged community near Sudbury is getting ready to launch a Team Unbreakable running program this spring led by social worker Patricia Grynspan and expanding on an initiative started by high school graduate student Josh Tillson who helped to mobilize the Rainbow District School board and the North East Suicide Prevention Network to support the program.

For more details about the impact of Team Unbreakable in the schools and community, please visit our web site:
What is YOUR 2019 Goal?
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RUN WITH PURPOSE.  Run for Youth Mental Health.
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