Amanda Overholt joins CameronHelps as Halton-Peel community coordinator

Amanda Overholt has recently joined CameronHelps as the Community Program Coordinator for Team Unbreakable in the Halton & Peel Region. This new role, funded by an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant, will work within communities to provide other outlets for youth to access Team Unbreakable programs.

Team Unbreakable partners with schools and community organizations to provide recreational youth running groups in support of youth mental health where all youth are welcome to participate in a supportive environment. Team Unbreakable also provides therapeutic running groups for those who have been referred by a professional. Overall, the goal of the program is to give youth the tools and resources that instill in them the confidence to overcome the many challenges they may be facing.

Amanda will be working with hospitals, medical centres, community agencies and organizations such as municipal recreation programs, private sector companies, churches, community groups, as well as colleges and universities to start Team Unbreakable programs. This will allow youth to access programs if there is not currently Team Unbreakable in their area, as well as provide access for those participating in school programs to continue the program at convenient times and places outside of school hours.

Amanda is passionate about health and wellness, specifically helping others achieve optimal physical and mental health. She has taken part in a variety of 5km races, and looks forward to being a part of CameronHelps and Team Unbreakable.

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