10-Year-Old Zoé LeJeune’s 100K Run for Team Unbreakable

For this west-end Toronto girl, running isn’t usually her “thing,” but with swim practices cancelled, she decided to run 100K this summer and raise money for Team Unbreakable.

10-year-old Zoé set a goal to run 100K, with regular runs of up to four times a week to accomplish her goal.

“Once I told my parents about my goal, I used my mom’s business Wish and Give so that I could ask people to donate to the charity I chose. I had never really heard of Team Unbreakable – so when I went on to the website and looked at what the charity was doing, it looked awesome.  I said, I am definitely going to fundraise for them – they are doing cool and amazing work.”

Zoé would run with her friend, or her parents and her longest run was 10K accomplished one day. By the time she had finished, Zoé had raised over $90.00. Next year she hopes to do this run challenge again and will aim for 200K.

Zoé’s mother Julie LeJeune said, as parents, she and her husband were very proud of their daughter and thrilled she wanted to take on the challenge.  “Zoé was able to experience this sense of accomplishment and learn to establish a goal while raising money for a good cause.”

Thanks Zoé for being an inspiration to us all!

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